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chemical storage buildings

Chemical Storage Buildings

"The Chemical Storage Building system is far superior to any others available today".

"New Generation" Construction
Other Chemical Storage Building MFG's use commercial grade A-569 steel while ECP's chemical storage buildings are constructed with 12 gauge non-commercial grade A-570 steel, which is of a higher quality.

The coatings include two-part anticorrosive epoxies and polyurethanes which serve as insulators from climactic variations.

Chemical Storage Buildings from some manufacturers use less effective protective coating systems. The interior of their buildings may heat or freeze according to outside temperatures.

  • ECP buildings are designed on the concept of palletized grids, utilizing space more efficiently.
  • ECP buildings are designed for forklift pallet jack handling of drums. OSHA's policies discourage heavy lifting that frequently results in back injuries. The 55-gallon drums, when full, weigh from 400 to 700 pounds each.

The ECP coatings are extremely effective in holding the interior of the building close to ambient temperatures.

Secondary Containment Spill Control

ECP buildings contain one-piece sumps with drain fittings to contain any leaks or spills that might create a groundwater hazard.

Model 10XR. Two door. For storage and dispensing.


Model 10TDXR. Two door inside seismic storage with
secondary containment shelving. Temperature controlled, four hour fire rated and explosion relief.

GSA Contract

Factory Mutual System Approved

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